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 Pathetic, Joining cF!

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PostSubject: Pathetic, Joining cF!   Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:13 pm

Information needed from you:
1. Name (first name is fine):Samantha
2. In-Game name(s) (list every single one):Pathetic.
3. Country + Timezone:England&Timezone is GMT.
4. Age:18.
5. Gender (Male or Female) :Female.
6. What good can you bring to .cF|?:I believe that joining this help me out, partly because the leader already helps me out ALOT:), but yes i can learn more about AC by joining this clan, and i can get to know more people, and maybe get to know them Very Happy.
7. How long you have playing AC?:Around Two Years.
8. Do you know any .cF| members if so who are they?:.cF|LordMoonaN, we are very good friends :').
9. Other clans you have been in and the reason why you left?:.Lw, DC, |YOLO|, [PSY], reasons; not the right clans for me, not very nice players in the clans also Sad.
10. How often/how many hours you play per day?:It Depends if i have college or i have to go shopping or something, usually 3+ hours, i've been training alot with my Assault Rifle and Sniper, i'm getting a lot better and its really good fun Very Happy.
11. Have you ever been blacklisted? (Before/Now) Why?:Before, i was in Screw Gema server and i was doing a big nade' jump, and accidently got a triple kill, one of the people i accidently killed was the server moderater, was very unlucky-_-, Now, i got blacklisted from |LDD| server for a day or so, because i played my best vs there leader, and he thought i was hacking, haha! Very Happy i really haven't been blacklisted for doing anything bad, so i have been good hehe xD.
12. What Division are you interested in joining? I really like Gemas, and i'm pretty good at them so i was thinking about that, but if i can't ill join the match one Smile
13. Tell us about yourself (Minimum one paragraph) Well, you already know who i am, i'm fine to talk to, but not when in a bad mood :L i am somewhat inspired by a few people in AC. LordMoonaN being one haha ^^, i just really want to get better, and meet new people Very Happy
14. Have you fully read the rules and will run by them? Yes, i have read all of them, and i will run by them Smile
thank you. Pathetic Smile.

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PostSubject: Re: Pathetic, Joining cF!   Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:09 pm

Hello mistress and welcome!
As you should know the recruit process is at least 1 week long depending on the clans structure. Due to the lack of clan members your recruit session may be less.
Just be patient!

Feel free to join us in the .cF servers!
I hope to playing time with you soon!

~LordMoonaN Assaultcube Soldier.
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PostSubject: Re: Pathetic, Joining cF!   Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:19 pm

After reviewing your tests and application along with gameplay, I have decided to accept you as a member of the Chosen Faithful clan. Read the clan rules in the general chat category. We expect you to wear the clan tag with pride and have respect and understanding to all the members of the ac community. Due to the lack of discussions and members I have the authority to invite you myself. Congratulations you are now .cF|Pathetic!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Pathetic, Joining cF!   

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Pathetic, Joining cF!
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